About us

Our purpose is to educate our patients about their oral health wants and needs to provide the best quality treatment. We want all of our patients to keep their teeth as long as possible and give them a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

We have been serving patients for over 20 years and have continued to modernize our technology and techniques to be able to deliver the best treatment possible.

Dr. Carlos Barragan graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1994. He has received post-graduate diplomas for his completion of the Orthodontics Program in 1997 and of the Implant Dentistry Program in 2007.

His professionalism expands into cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry as well for over 25 years. He has continued taking courses over the years in all fields to keep himself up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology.

Dr. Barragan graduated as a dentist in 1986 from Peru in San Marcos University. He later became a faculty member as a clinical assistant in the surgery department. He then decided to come to the United States to continue to pursue his dreams.

Dr. Barragan has studied administrative technology that has covered staff training and how to make sure patients feel cared for when being attended to in Elizabeth Dental Care. This has allowed for the office to run in the most optimum way possible for patients.

Dr. Barragan is also known as a philanthropist. He has traveled to the jungle of Peru for a couple of years to help communities that do not have access to healthcare. He is also a co-founder for a group called Peruvian for Progress which was created to help the Peruvian community in New Jersey stay in touch with their origins. This group has also helped send funds to Peru in times of need. He was also Vice President of Peruvian Parade Inc. which also served the same purpose as Peruvian for Progress because he is passionate to help the country he came from in any way possible.

Dr. Barragan has donated to his church which has supported campaigns like The Way to Happiness Foundation, The Truth About Drugs, Citizen Commission of Human Rights and many other campaigns. He has also given lectures in the United States and the Dominican Republic on how to handle everyday work life and raise personal efficiency through his church.